Avoid Cross Contamination from your Health Care Uniform – Washing in a Commercial Laundry Recommended.

Domestic washing machines that are designed to aesthetically clean laundry do not hold the temperature once reached and therefore not able to disinfect uniforms. Public Health England (PHE) recommends uniforms are washed in commercial laundries.

“Healthcare worker uniforms are commonly laundered at home in the UK, unlike in the rest of Europe where uniforms are either washed within the hospital or at an industrial laundry” says Dr Katie Laird of De Montfort University who has conducted extensive research on the survival of micro-organisms through both domestic and industrial wash processes.

Dr Katie Laird’s work highlights some of the potential dangers of washing uniforms at home including cross contamination of the home environment and found that 40% of health care workers indeed washed uniforms at low temperatures leading to the risk of inadequate decontamination.

Telford Laundry are experienced in providing professional laundered uniforms to the health and care sector, collected laundered and delivered back to your door at an interval that suits you. Make sure that staff uniforms are clinically clean during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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