Telford Laundry Investment in Near Waterless Washing Machine
New Near Waterless Washing Machine – A first in Shropshire.

Shropshire’s largest independent commercial laundry, Telford Laundry on Stafford Park, Telford have installed a revolutionary new ultra-low water laundry system, that uses beads to wash your clothes, saving thousands of gallons of water while being more gentle on fabrics.

This near-waterless laundry system is the very first in the area and represents part of a considerable new investment in the laundry plant. By using up to 80% less water and considerably less energy than traditional washing machines, Telford Laundry is providing a unique  quality benefits to it's customers.

Telford Laundry provides both commercial and domestic laundry services, with collection and delivery to customers from the East Midlands across to the Welsh coast serviced, a walk-in service is also provided to local domestic customers.

The machine is already successfully cleaning duvets, curtains, shirts and 5* items.