Xeros Polymer Bead Technology

Professional Duvet Cleaning

A fresh clean duvet cleaned regularly and returned to you in pristine condition contact Telford Laundry.


At Telford Laundry we provide a specialist duvet cleaning service using the very latest polymer bead technology. The washing machines for duvets used at Telford Laundry avoid the use of water which intern gives minimal clumping of down and feathers extending the life of your bedding.

Telford Laundry are industry leaders, innovators in many aspects of commercial and domestic laundry. By using polymer bead technology to clean your duvet Telford Laundry can use considerably less detergents, provide you with a cleaner wash and helping us to maintain our environmental goals – Green Achiever Accreditation.


For Professional Duvet Cleaning Call Telford Laundry on 01952 216 053.