Telford Laundry Mats Rental Service

Dust Mat Rental

Welcome your clients to your commercial premises with dust mats that protect your floor and boost your branding. Telford Laundry can provide your organisation with your logo brand on floor protection dust mats.


Dust mats are replaced with a clean fresh mat at regular intervals to ensure that your reception or work area provides the right impression for your business.

Call Telford Laundry to choose the right floor mat rental service for you. The staff at Telford Laundry have years of experience in understanding your business needs and will help you to find an economical solution.

Telford Laundry are able to provide corporate floor mats with logo and your own corporate colour or for an economical solution use one of our own mats that we will clean in our eco-friendly laundry facility and exchange for a clean mat on a regular basis. Call Telford Laundry on 01952 216053.