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Telford Laundry has reduced its carbon footprint during the latter half of 2016 from a monthly average of 5.06 grammes per washed kg to a year end figure of 1.7 grammes per kg.

This represents a saving of circa 480 tonnes of carbon no longer released into the atmosphere each year.

The achievement of this result is due to reducing water consumption by 36% and kWhr per kg washed by 23%.

This has been achieved by installing Ozonated water from August 2016.

In laundry terms, Ozone generation has enabled Telford Laundry to reduce washing temperatures, reduce washing chemistry and therefore require less water to rinse out spent chemicals.

Ozone guarantees bug kill and this is validated by bioluminescence testing done in house. Whiteness levels have also improved.

Waste discharged water to drain is of a higher quality and a lower temperature